Test for 12 different Drugs (DA05) or 12 Drugs and Alcohol (DA05-A). Detects recent Drug Use that Urine Tests can sometimes miss! Collect Anytime, Anywhere - Results in 5 Minutes. 25Tests/ Box. View Product Insert.

12 Panel - Orawell Oral Fluid Test (25 Test per Box)

  • Dip Tests DA05 12P DA05-A  
    AMP X X  
    BAR X X  
    BZO X X  
    BUP X X  
    COC X X  
    FEN X X  
    THC X X  
    MTD X X  
    MET X X  
    OPI X X  
    OXY X X  
    TRA X X  
    Alcohol   X  
  • For Forensic Use only. The test device is for single use and should remain in its original sealed pouch until ready for use. Do not use after the expiration date indicated on the kit. Handle all oral specimens as potentially infectious. The used device should be discarded according federal, state and local regulation.