CLIA WAVIVED! FDA CLEARED! DOT APPROVED! Simple, Cost Effective Test Monitor Alcohol Consumption as part of a Comprehensive Zero Tolerance Testing Program. It is a Conforming Product for the US Department of Transportation Mandated Testing of All Transportation and Safety Sensitive Employees for Blood Alcohol Concentrations Above the Federally Mandated Zero Tolerance Level of 0.02%. Convenient, Fast Results. Tester Places Test Strip in the Subjects Mouth for a Few Seconds to Wet it with Saliva (or in Suspected Beverage). The Tester Reads Results in 4 Minutes. 24 Tests/ Box.

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Alco Screen 4 Minute Alcohol Test D.O.T. Approved (24 Testper Box)

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  • $60.00 per box. ($2.50 per test)

    For in vitro diagnostic use only.