CLIA WAIVED! FDA CLEARED! Test for 14 Drugs. Leak proof design with temperature strip. Easy to Use, Convenient and up to 99% Accurate. One-Step, Fully Integrated and Self-Contained Screening Cup. Results in 5 minutes. 25 Cups/ Pack.View Product Insert.

14 Panel Urine Cup (Healgen) (25 Cups per Pack)

  • $123.75 per box. ($4.95 per test)

    URINE CUP HCDOAEW-6125A3    
    AMP X    
    BAR X    
    BZO X    
    BUP X    
    COC X    
    THC X    
    MDMA X    
    MTD X    
    MET X    
    OPI X    
    OXY X    
    PCP X    
    MOP X    
    SG X    
    PH X  




  • For in vitro diagnostic use only. It is intended for over-the-counter and for prescription use.